At Life Vision Health, we strive to create a new perspective by conceptualizing the health of our clients who may be experiencing a life changing illness, a disability, or require a modification in living arrangements.




Crucial medical decisions do not have to be faced alone. Life Vision Health takes a multi-faceted approach to achieve the healthcare goals of our clients by providing navigation/advocacy and recreation therapy services. 



Many consumers feel the system has taken away their control regarding decisions, ability to choose physicians, and to understand cost. They do not know where to turn for unbiased advice.

Karen and Lynda spent most of their careers as full time employees in large healthcare facilities which in turn has afforded them indispensable insight and knowledge. 



We believe in maximizing our clients’ abilities to select among alternate treatment options.  We facilitate access to relevant information and clarification of our clients’ preferences.

Lynda and Karen believe in the importance of working closely with their clients to alleviate stress and promote optimal functioning.